So the due date was yesterday and not a peep. Now on a ten day countdown until I get induced – something I want to avoid so eating curry, drinking raspberry leaf tea…

Anyway so Posh and Becks names their baby Harper. I have kept a keen eye on this. Hoping that Posh would have her baby first and that she wouldn’t choose my top name. Thankfully she didn’t, she chose Harper – a name I really like but not THE name.

But I wonder what I would have done if she had chosen the same name, if I had the baby first and named it and the in sail the uber celebs and steal it? Would I have stuck to my guns and pointed towards the fact my baby came along a day or two earlier? Or would I have changed my choice?

Stick to it: possibly you find your little one, one of many Harpers. The name becomes popular among Posh-wannabes and your mistaken as one of them.

Change it: you have compromised your choices due to P and B.

To be honest the reason why I had been worried about Posh and Beck’s name choice is because I would have changed the name and I don’t really have a back-up.

Choosing a name is so difficult. You have to think about initials not spelling ASS or something similar. You have to think of every possible bastardisation the playground can come up with. What about the connotations of names? Could a Merlin make it into politics? Could a Tarquin make it out of a comp in one piece?

I wanted the name not to be popular, in the top ten, (BOYS/GIRLS) but then not so obscure that it pigeon-holes them into behaving in a certain way. I want the names to be strong and allow them to be whoever they want to be. I want them to be able to spell it. I want it to mean something pleasant – not death or bum in another language.

I have rejected family names Edward, Michael and Sally as I don’t want them to have any baggage or expectations placed on them.

But even after thinking all this through I might get it wrong…

I spent a good part of my teens berating my middle name, Jospehine. I took against it. The thought of my child hating a name I gave them is a real fear. Not for the first time I cringe as I look back on some of my utterances in teen years – poor parents!

We haven’t told anyone as we don’t want anyone to spoil it and people can’t help scrunching up their face if they don’t like your choice and, depending on who it is it could shake your choice.

Anyway I have a girl and a boy name and I guess I just have to hope the name fits and they like it and that Kate and Wills don’t choose it a few years down the line!


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